Posted by: myriverlandings | March 17, 2010

Happy Hour at River Landings, a Great Night for Everyone!

Franklin P. Jones once said “Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there”, and that was certainly true last night when so many of our River Bend neighbors joined us for Happy Hour.  Expecting a small crowd, we were happily surprised that so many people took the time to come over and support our project.  We got to tell a little bit about our plans and everyone was extremely complimentary.  Getting your input and being good neighbors is very important to us and we hope that this is just the beginning of all the shared functions we will have together. 

Thank you to John Friday for staying late and keeping the music going all evening.  Everyone agreed that his voice and tropical tunes were the perfect  complement to sitting and chatting with friends by the river.  We would also like to thank Lesley Turnpaugh for the Skin Analysis and Chuck & Sherry for keeping the food and drinks going!    A special thank you to Jerry Chafton for the last minute use of his grill and of course, Mike Harder for the extra burgers. 

We really enjoyed the company and plan to do it again soon!



  1. Thank you. It was a great time.

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