Posted by: myriverlandings | February 23, 2010

Fishing in the Caloosahatchee River

People have asked us what kind of fishing they can expect in the Caloosahatchee River. So we decided to do some research for ourselves and it turns out that the combination of the inland freshwater; the eastern semi-salt waters; and the natural estuaries are prime fishing location for – well just about everything (Red Drum or Redfish; Tarpon; Ladyfish; Jacks; Snooks, Catfish, Sheepshead, Mullet, Sea Trout, Snapper and Bass)

Did we say Tarpon? Yes, in fact, close to River Landings is a little known secret called the Florida Power & Light Plant. This plant keeps the river (on the east side of where Interstate 75 crosses the Caloosahatchee), a steamy 10 to 12 degrees warmer than the surrounding water temperatures. Because of this, the area attracts manatees by the hundreds. But manatees aren’t the only critters that avoid migrating to more southerly waters by hanging out in the Caloosahatchee. At the peak of winter weather a boater on the river might be surprised to see; several hundred tarpon roll up all at the same time for a breath of air. The fish that do that trick are mostly juvies or less than 40 pounds, but their mamas and papas are around somewhere and this is the surest shot at a tarpon a spring angler can hope to take.

In La Belle, the Caloosahatchee becomes tidal, forming an estuary. This can be some of the best freshwater fishing in Florida. In fact, there have been many tournament winning bags near River Landings! The river has had some urban development which has actually added several canal systems, and these are great locations for resident fish as well as great places for the big river bass to spawn.

Fishing in the Caloosahatchee can be wading into the water; or fishing in a boat; or simply casting from the edge of a dock. Whatever you choose, it is a personal experience unlike any other. So may the water be like glass, the sun rise slowly and of course – the fish keep biting.

Please remember that the State of Florida requires most fisherman to have a valid Fishing License.


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